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Building digital
wow's is in our heart.

A 360° growth minded agency with multiple brands.

Our labels


has made it its mission to decorate your boring, empty walls.
In many environments we see that no thought is given to creating a nice atmosphere. A room with boring white walls and no character is not motivating any of us. Walljar's products bring life into the room and create a good atmosphere in every environment.


is a replacement for looooong, time consuming phone calls and emails.
Managing livechat yourself is relatively expensive. Chathand's model is cost effective because we can serve multiple clients at once. The power of chat is in our hands.


works with a really clear goal in mind: to generate leads.
VikingLeads translates the right propositions of companies and brands by creating well fitted outbound email campaigns. We ensure that our clients can completely let go of lead generation.


is the extension of housing corporations and corporate real estate.
Whether it's photography, drafting marketing statements or a few extra hands within your organization. You've come to the right place.
Our values

The core values were we live by.

1. Freedom.
We believe in working with freedom and accountability.
2. Detailed quality.
We make it a sport to always deliver the best.
3. Make some fun.
That smile on our faces. That's what we live for.

These are our kids.

We love the process of optimization till perfection.

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